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DateAuthor / PosterTitleRatingTags
slipseer-mapsFeb 2, 2023CasualExplorerCodeName:_Itanji_No_Senkai0deathmatch, ffa, free for all, ...
slipseer-mapsFeb 2, 2023VondurQSP: "Io. Loki Patera." By Asl.0quake 1, singleplayer
slipseer-mapsJan 27, 2023CasualExplorerThe_Grey_Stardust_Zone3.5 (2)duel, ffa
slipseer-mapsJan 11, 2023zbidou72Temple of Teuthis5 (5)
quaddictedJan 9, 2023alexUnder Rostcj_alexunder.zip - Thirteen Tombs of the Brilliant Dynasty v1.043.85 (17)large, medieval, castle, wizard, snow, winter, xmas, ad, source, limits, music, makkon, secrets
slipseer-mapsJan 8, 2023AesopolisLightning Rod +4.33 (6)all difficulties, cr8, music, ...
slipseer-mapsJan 6, 2023alexUnder RosThirteen Tombs of the Brilliant Dynasty4.13 (15)arcane dimensions, dark fantasy, makkon, ...
quaddictedJan 4, 2023Aesopolis & 8 otherssm222.zip - Speedmapping pack 222 - Towers3.73 (18)jam, smp, speedmap, music, source, limits, base, castle, medieval, wizard, temple, cave, mountain, makkon
slipseer-mapsJan 2, 2023zigiSM222 - Towers4.38 (8)jam, pack, speedmap, ...
slipseer-mapsJan 1, 2023RemarCastle Puzzlefort4.67 (3)oldschool, puzzle, small, ...
slipseer-mapsJan 1, 2023RemarCitadel of Fire4.57 (7)medium, oldschool, vanilla
slipseer-mapsJan 1, 2023RemarDeepest Oblivion4 (5)oldschool, small, vanilla
slipseer-mapsJan 1, 2023xstephxBase DM3.5 (2)
slipseer-mapsDec 31, 2022TheADrainCold Light4.09 (11)vanilla
slipseer-mapsDec 29, 2022CommonColdThe Endeavor3 (2)deathmatch, ffa, vanilla
slipseer-modsDec 27, 2022FleckedTempus is the Ignis3.5 (6)alkaline
quaddictedDec 27, 2022Justin Fleckrd1m4rmx.zip - Tempus is the Ignis3.59 (14)medium, base, cr8, industrial, remix, alkaline, alk, source, limits
quaddictedDec 21, 2022Fairweather & 13 otherstcj_r3.zip - Twisted Christmas Jam 2022 (Release 3)4.17 (25)large, jam, snow, winter, xmas, halloween, horror, monsters, music, source, limits, ad, arcane dimensions
slipseer-modsDec 18, 2022FairweatherTwisted Christmas Jam 20224.53 (19)jam, arcane dimensions, christmas, ...
slipseer-mapsDec 13, 2022IonousFhtagn-Nagh4.33 (12)
quaddictedDec 13, 2022Ionousion03.zip - Fhtagn-Nagh3.65 (26)large, temple, tower, ruins, koohoo, copper, bsp2, source, limits
quaddictedDec 11, 2022Daniel Remarrgcastle_v3.zip - Castle Puzzlefort v33.45 (13)small, wizard, medieval, castle, puzzle, vanilla, classic, id1, source, nomonsters
quaddictedDec 11, 2022Daniel Remarrgfire_v3.zip - Citadel of Fire v33.77 (17)medium, lava, temple, classic, id1, vanilla, source, cave
quaddictedDec 11, 2022Daniel Remarrgdeep_v3.zip - Deepest Oblivion v33.77 (20)small, wizard, underground, classic, vanilla, id1, source
slipseer-mapsDec 10, 20221600frogsRising Action3.5 (8)all difficulties, first map, medieval, ...

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